Ring-necked Pheasant


"Stepping into the Light" - Ring-necked Pheasant.  This painting measures 7"x12" and is completed in acrylics on masonite board.
Sitting in my ghillie suit, against an old fence post in rural South Dakota, I watched through my camera lens as a beautiful rooster pheasant strutted across the field. There was a narrow stream of intense morning sun peaking across the prairie and I could tell he was about to step into the light. As soon as the light started to touch him, I held down on the shutter button and prayed that the exposure and shutter speeds were appropriate for the situation at hand. The divine moment was over in a second and I was excited when I reviewed the images. I recently got the opportunity to complete this painting inspired from the reference taken that morning. This is being donated to a Pheasants Forever banquet in Ohio for auction.  



Eastern Wild Turkey



Eastern Wild Turkeys (Not yet titled)
This acrylic painting on masonite board measures 18"x27" 
Every spring since moving to Eastern South Dakota, I have walked back behind my house to the woods, pastures, and meadows, to photograph the Eastern Wild Turkeys that call it home. I've been dreaming about doing this painting for a long time now. Winning the Federal contest has finally afforded me the time required to do several paintings that have been on the back burner for a while. This painting is still in progress but is nearing completion. I look forward to unveiling it soon! 


Mountain Lion


I recently decided to make use of some Mountain Lion reference photos. I've always wanted to paint a Mountain Lion, but was inspired to start the painting when one of my neighbors called to inform me that a Mountain Lion had just crossed the street in front of her vehicle just north of our property line. The idea of a Mountain Lion being so close, and possibly even in our pasture, was really exciting to think about. They are such an impressive animal. I've been working on this large acrylic painting on and off for some time now, so I thought I'd post some early photos of it as well as some of the in-progress photos we've taken along the way. More photos to come soon! 





Northern Cardinals




"Cardinal Pair" measures 12"X16" and is completed in acrylics on masonite board. In this piece, I wanted to capture the obvious beauty of the bold reds, while simultaneously emphasizing the subtle colors of the female and that of their frequent habitat. I also wanted to create a sense of eye contact and closeness to these generally wary birds. Ever since creating my last cardinal image, "Winter Solitude", I've wanted to paint something slightly more complicated in design. I knew that adding the beautiful female cardinal into the scene would help to do just that. Both birds were fun to paint, but I mostly enjoyed seeing the magnificent- yet overlooked- features of the female come to life.   


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