Wildlife Artist Madison Grimm

Madison Grimm, 10, was born in Elyria, Ohio and is the first daughter of Adam and Janet Grimm. When she was a year old, the family relocated to Burbank, SD where they currently reside. Madison has a younger sister, Hannah (7), and two little brothers, Jonas (4) and James (1). She thoroughly enjoys her life in the country where she’s free to raise chickens, ducks, play with her ferret, rabbits, the family’s dogs, and explore nature.

In the spring of 2013, at just six years old, Madison won the national Federal Junior Duck Stamp Competition. In spite of her young age, Madison’s patience, creativity, and desire combined to make this remarkable achievement possible. Along with spending time researching her chosen species, she practiced various techniques and skills prior to applying them to her painting. Of most importance were brush control, mixing colors, and learning to paint what she was actually observing.

Madison's speech from her First Day of Sale

Most of Madison’s time is spent outdoors. She loves finding different creatures around her home and learning all about them. Her inquisitive nature has allowed her to discover many of God’s creations most people take for granted or never even see.

Madison plans to use her phenomenal opportunity to advance her education and to experience wildlife in new and exciting ways. She hopes her accomplishment will inspire other young children to explore and appreciate the world around them. Like her father, she has proven that age need not be a barrier to success.


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