Adam Grimm Wins 2013 Federal Duck Stamp Contest!

2013 marked yet another historical year for Adam. On September 28, 2013, Adam Grimm became a two-time winner of the Federal Duck Stamp competition. Aside from making history by becoming the youngest artist to ever win this prestigious art contest (in 1999 when he was just 21 years old) he has now joined the ranks of the elite few whom have won multiple times.
Adam's most recent win holds a special place in his heart for several reasons. This year's contest was held at the Maumee Bay Park and Lodge in Oregon, Ohio; just a 90-minute drive from where he grew up. Born and raised in Ohio, Adam and his wife thought it would be a unique opportunity to attend the contest and visit family and friends. With their three children in tow -along with parents, siblings, aunt, and Adam's 89-year-old grandmother, and several close friends- they nervously endured the 3 rounds of judging of over 200 entries. In the end, Adam's entry was victorious. The small, yet packed, room erupted with applause and cheers. This was only the second time Adam has ever attended the contest as an entrant, and the first time he's shared the winning experience in front of his wife (who's birthday happen to be on that very day) and children. Be sure to check out Adam's "Federal Duck Stamp Print Options" page to learn more about available prints of this image!

Not only, did Adam get to share this spectacular moment with his family and friends by his side, but he thrust his oldest daughter, Madison Grimm, back into the spotlight with him. In April 2013, Adam's oldest daughter, Madison, made her own national headlines by winning the Federal Junior Duck Stamp contest at the age of 6! -Shattering the previous record of 15.

This makes Adam and Madison the ONLY parent-child winners to win in the same year. What's more, they won with the same species and they're the youngest artists to ever win their respective national contests.

To continue the Grimm fairytale, what became an unforgettable event in their family's lives was also captured in the award winning documentary, The Million Dollar Duck.  Not only does it include interviews and observations of other artists and related duck stamp enthusiasts, but it also immortalizes Adam's behind-the-scenes quest for success.


On our way back to my parents house immediately following the contest, Janet and the kids and I, along with some close friends, stopped by the Ottawa NWR, to visit my habitat restoration project (as it was right on the way). The entire experience was surreal as we wandered the remote trails. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but the air seemed to hold some divine message of reassurance to let us know that we were on the right path in our lives. Even the sun seemed to have more of an extra warm glow to it than usual. Altogether, it was a perfect end to a perfect day. 

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