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This Bluebird painting was a commissioned piece for an anniversary present. Like most of my paintings, it is completed with oil paints on gessoed masonite board. It measures 10 X 14 inches.

This painting features a Male Bluebird perched upon a blossoming blackberry cane. I’m so amazed at the beauty of these little birds. The blue color seems quite unnatural looking next to most of their habitat….like when they’re perched on some bland little dead branch. This is why I thought it was important to place the bird on a perch that doesn’t pale in comparison ….and there is an equal amount of work in both. Let me stress that the lady bug on the leaf is not the invasive asian lady beetle that drives everyone crazy in the early fall months. This is actually one of the many species of natively occurring lady beetles that are actually threatened by the asian lady beetle. I decided to add it in when I noticed one in a reference photos. I thought it would add an extra point of interest and would act as an accent within the composition. Just like the blue bird is a beneficial bird, natively occurring lady beetles are also beneficial. They do not seek shelter in peoples homes etc. in the fall and they prey on aphids.

This painting was selected by Pheasants Forever to include in the 2009 National Merchandise package. People have asked why Pheasants Forever would be interested in a Bluebird painting. The reason is because they are one of the many species that benefit from the important habitat work carried out by this great organization. I do have a limited supply of artist proof prints which turned out very nice, and they are available now.

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