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Ducks Unlimited National Merchandise package Original and Prints for Sale One of my many passions is hunting. There’s nothing quite like sharing the blind with family or friends on a crisp fall morning as a flock of greenheads drops into the decoy spread. Anyone who’s experienced it knows exactly what I mean. That said, these experiences aren’t quite as special if you don’t have a good dog sitting beside you. Their spirit is that of a child on Christmas morning and their anticipation of the retrieve puts a lot of pressure on the hunter to hit their mark. There’s always a sense of failure when you look over at your dog and say “no bird” after missing an easy shot… and it’s usually met with a return look from your dog that lets you know they too are disappointed in you. Still they wait faithfully at your side, ever vigilant for that next passing flock. When that moment finally comes and a bird is downed, you can feel the elation they exude as they lunge to retrieve it. You know they would like nothing more than to grab up the bird and playfully run around with it, but they don’t. Instead, they turn around and bring it to your side and sit as they patiently present the bird to your hand, excited to do it all over again. This painting “Faithful” features my dog, Dakota. She’s just that kind of dog. Her loyalty, willingness to please, and unconditional love is unwavering. We are all called to be faithful, but few of us live it as well as our dogs. “Faithful” measures 18 X 26 inches and is completed in oils on Masonite board. A limited number of prints will be available starting January 1st 2014.

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