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“By Evening’s Light”
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources usually uses a photo in the background portion of the card that the stamp comes on, but I spoke with them about it and decided to create a special painting to be used instead. This painting “By Evening’s Light” features a panoramic landscape marsh scene from Ohio, along with a small flock of pintails. This painting is more about the mood and drama created by the golden evening light than anything else but, like most of my paintings, it’s full of details. Along with the beautiful setting and circling flock, there’s several species of ducks in the background and even a white-tailed deer. The muskrat houses in the foreground are also a familiar sight in Ohio wetlands.
This painting measures 10.5X24.5 inches and is completed in oils on Masonite board. This painting will be a companion print to “Evening Flight”; a very limited number of prints will be available.

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